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Commercial CCTV – Protecting and monitoring your business


cctvcommercialSaturn Security is one of the North West’s

most reliable CCTV installers, delivering

the very highest quality in installation and

maintenance of CCTV cameras and

equipment. Saturn Security utilise the most

technological advanced products on the

market to bring about crisp and clear images to

protect your business.


Why should you purchase a CCTV System from Saturn Security?

All our CCTV installations provides quality footage that can be successfully used in a court of law, as the systems we install comply with UK Police Policy on quality, storage, export and playback. A DIY job where CCTV is concerned is strongly ill-advised, as the majority of analogue CCTV systems fail to adhere to these requirements. Without accurate time and date facility, equipment becomes considered practically useless when prosecuting perpetrators, as DIY footage will not stand up as a reliable source evidence; no matter how black and white you may feel it is.


Digital CCTV on the other

hand, records evidence

quality clips. With a CCTV

DVR, the customer has a

fast, accurate retrieval and

analysis system whereby

footage can be found

almost instantly by

inputting a selection of

parameters, even on your mobile

phone device from anywhere

in the world, at any time.



Saturn Security is a first class CCTV installer who can set up a network of CCTV cameras on your premises, where multiple locations can be viewed from a single monitor, thus decreasing the need for expensive manned guarding or “stop and search” checks. Today’s technology allows customers’ to view their place of work via their mobile phone device or laptop, from any global destination of their choice.




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Reduces crime and protects the public


small green tick      Promotes feeling of Safety by the simple physical presence of a CCTV System in your business; for your customers, visitors and employees. In situations where cameras have been placed in prominent locations, unscrupulous insurance claims and assaults on members of staff dealing with the public have been vastly reduced.

small green tick      Crime prevention and detection. As the world becomes less safe, businesses, institutions and individuals with valuable assets need to take precautions to protect themselves and their property. CCTV can be installed almost anywhere, homes, small and large shops, offices, banks, hospitals, restaurants.

small green tick      Rapid image search retrieval – CCTV footage can be searched by simply entering a date/time – saves time. Normal recording occurs uninterrupted whilst playback is initialising. Instant Playback.

small green tick      Highest image quality on the market

small green tick      Easy management

small green tick      Store on disc – outstanding archiving capabilities

small green tick      Simultaneous Playback, Record & Archive

small green tick      Remote dial-in, viewbale from any geographical location


british chamber of commerceCCTV security systems are considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime.” (Business Crime Survey)




For further information and advice on how Saturn Security’s CCTV Systems can help your business – sign up for a FREE security survey & quotation of your premises and one of our security specialist experts will be contact within 24 hours. We can work with you to identify and fulfil your security needs and objectives, developing a system that individually depicts the best product for you, including all legal obligations needed to convict. Saturn Security is a  CCTV installer who operate nationally installing as far North as Scotland and as far South as Northampton providing CCTV installations. We cover many systems in the North West region including CCTV in Liverpool, CCTV in Manchester, CCTV Cheshire, CCTV Wirral and CCTV Warrington.


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