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Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I replace my VCR?

small green tickYes. A VCR (video cassette recorder) is time consuming and now an obsolete product. Parts cannot be replaced. A digital DVR is fast, efficient and effective, with high quality resolution and ease of use.

How long does a DVR record for?

Anywhere from one week to one month (longer if required). The hard drive on a DVR stores all the information. The larger the drive, the more storage available. A record time calculator can be obtained to estimate the storage needed for a specific number of days recording. Capacity supplied depends on customer requirement and speicifcation of DVR.

Will the number of cameras on a DVR affect recording time?

No. Storage time does not change based on number of cameras connected. However the frames per second (FPS) recorded does, as the FPS will now be shared amongst additional cameras, causing fewer frames per second recorded from each camera.

Is there a lot of work involved in switching to a DVR?

No. It is a simple box change in replacing existing multiplexer with new.

Can I provide a copy of incident to the police if required?

Yes. All DVR’s supplied by Saturn Security allow the consumer to copy digital footage from hard drive to portable media, such as a CD, DVD, USB stick or mobile phone device. Training will be demonstrated upon installation and thereafter if required.

Can I view the cameras remotely, i.e. from another location?

Yes. All DVR’s supplied by Saturn

Security provide remote connection

from a PC via broadband. This

provides simple live viewing and

complete access to recorded images to

your mobile device or laptop from any

geographical location, at any time.



 Is digital CCTV easy to use?easy

Yes. Insanely less complex than searching for information on a VCR, as date/time feature can be entered to find a specific incident. Gone are the days of having to rewind/fast forward. Saves time, money and increases efficiency.

Does a DVR comply with the Data Protection Act?

Yes. A digital download kit with recordable CDs and log sheets is provided which comply with the Data Protection Act.

Data Protection 1998

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