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Retail CCTV

 small green tickCCTV can be utilised for multiple purposes. It is not confined solely to the negatives of theft. Crowd Control, Monitoring of Staff and general management information can be depicted and utilised to help grow, support and solve issues of business practice.

small green tickCan reduce internal shrinkage by monitoring cashier activity.

small green tickCCTV can increase business by allowing mangers to manage more efficiently and effectively in a more stable and secure environment for both staff and customers.

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Point of Sale Monitoring

small green tickAnalyse exactly what staff are selling and to whom, when and how much for – reduces or eliminates potential fraud e.g. in a licensed premises we can depict whether a bar attendant is issuing a treble vodka for the price of a double. The same principle can be utilised throughout the retail sector.

small green tickCan eliminate fraud, refund abuse or theft. This protects the member of staff as well as the customer.

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CCTV Monitoring

Saturn Security can connect your cameras to a Central Station where trained operators can alert emergency services as and when sensors are triggered. This ensures fast response to prevent damage or theft from taking place in your premises.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring can act as a prevention technique whereby audio messages warn intruders to stay away, informing that Police are on their way. It can also allow CCTV to control gates and barriers, reducing the need and cost for man guards.


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Saturn Security operate nationally installing as far North as Scotland and as far South as Northampton. We cover many systems in the North West region including CCTV in Liverpool, CCTV in Manchester, CCTV Cheshire, CCTV Wirral and CCTV Warrington.