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with BAFE & NSI FIRE GOLD Certification…


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Saturn Security is a BAFE & NSI Fire Gold Accredited Company. Our Third Party Accredited Bodies ensure we will deliver the very best in Fire Design, Installation, Commissioning & Handover, by regularly assessing our quality of workmanship, processes & procedures in strict accordance with BS5839-1:2017. We can monitor, maintain and help protect your business from Fire to provide business owners with the ultimate in peace of mind.


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Fire Safety is essential in any workplace. According to the Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2005, responsibility for fire safety in the workplace lies with ‘the responsible person’ in a business. Business owners are the people who are held accountable where fire risk is concerned. This corporate responsibility highlights the imperativeness of the need for Fire Protection throughout place of work.

Saturn Security Installations Ltd has been providing high quality fire protection services since 1987 for commercial and domestic properties within both private and public sectors. We install and maintain fire systems and offer a service contract with monitoring (24 hours – 365 days) for your safety and peace of mind.

A professional Fire Alarm System with Saturn Security is highly cost-effective. It can save lives and property. From a simple conventional system to a high-tech state-of-the-art system, we can and will help protect your business. Please be aware that  some companies claim to install Fire Alarm Systems to BS5839-1:2017 and will even issue a BS5839 Certificate. However, if the Company in question is not regulated by BAFE, then the installation is likely to be of a much lower standard. If this is the case and you are unfortunate to have a fire at your property, the onus of responsibility will still fall on the Business Owner, not the Company who installed an inappropriate system.  


1). My Electrician can supply a BS5839 Certificate for the Fire Alarm System, what is the difference between your quotation and the Electrician’s?

Any person can issue a Certificate from the BS5839 standard, which is either a photocopy or an online print out. If your Fire Alarm system is not installed to the correct stated standards, Certification is void and your legal responsibilities remain unmet. It is your legal duty to ensure you choose a competent Company to carry out the required work. Without Third Party Certification, an Electrician could be installing substandard work, leaving you open to legal liabilities. With Third Party Certification, you have peace of mind, you will meet your Legal Responsibilities, protect others and yourself. 

2). My Insurance Company has Approved my Electrician’s Quotation. Surely this means my Legal Duties have been met? If the system falters, will I not be exonerated from my legal responsibilities for having selected a Competent Person to carry out the work?

No unfortunately. Insurance Companies do not have Fire Expertise with regards to system design.  An Electrician may state in their system design proposal conforms to BS5839 compliance, but without Third Party Certification to ensure competency, it is in statement only. The Insurer cannot determine from a proposed specification, whether or not the correct number of detectors has actually been installed, with the correct cable-type and at the correct distances. Only a third party inspectorate can do this. If a fire occurs and there is a fatality, both you and the Electrician would be held accountable in the court of law and possibly imprisoned. Your Insurer may compensate for the building damage, but not loss of life (at this point, they would arrange a Fire Professional to assess whether BS5839 was attained, and if not, negate any potential claim).


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Saturn Security operate nationally installing Commercial Fire Systems as far North as Scotland and as far South as Northampton. We cover many Commercial Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Systems in the North West region including Fire Alarm Systems in Liverpool, Fire Alarm Systems in Manchester, Cheshire Fire Alarm Systems, Wirral Fire Alarm Systems and Warrington Fire Alarm Systems.


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