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We offer a 24 hour (365 day) around the clock monitoring service for all our Intruder Alarm Systems, providing you with peace of mind that your property is safe and secure. Your Intruder Alarm System can even be linked to a local Police Authority to ensure a fast response in the event of a break-in. Each alarm system is tailor-made to individual customer requirements.

How it works

If you are on holiday or at work, you can rest assure that if your alarm is triggered, a backup plan will sweep into motion. A trusted person/s of your choice will be contacted via the Central Station (a person, not an automated voice message) to inform you of any activation (Key holder Response – see our special offer*). The Police will also be contacted depending on whether you have a URN number set up with Saturn Security.

What if I already have an alarm system in place?

If you already have an alarm system in place with another company, but would like Saturn Security to monitor and maintain it, we have a range of maintenance contracts on offer and guarantee to beat any competitive quote. Please see our Maintenance Contracts section, to the left tab.

Why choose a monitored system?

A bell or sounder, may alert people of an activation, but unfortunately in this day and age, it is more likely to provoke public annoyance, rather than highlight a possible break-in. Police Authority will not respond to a ringing bell unless there is visual evidence of an offence-in-progress e.g. a witness. A monitored system is the only way to ensure action is summoned immediately.


Types of MonitoringMonitoring NEW

Digital Communicator Monitoring

A LOW COST monitoring device that can either be utilised as a Keyholder Response/Grade 2 Police Response. Upon activation, the dedicated telephone line automatically dials Alarm Receiving Centre who informs  Key holder and Police Authority on confirmed alarm.

DualCom DigiAIR Monitoring

DualCom DigiAir utilises all mobile networks via WorldSIM instead of a telephone line to signal an alarm from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). It is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators as it eliminates call costs and phone charges.

DualCom GPRS Monitoring

This works as a Digital Communicator but with the added extra of a RADIO DUAL PATH signal. If the telephone line is cut, radio technology will send a signal to activate alarm system to provide maximum security.

Redcare Monitoring

This incorporates a dual-path system and is an ideal step up from a digital communicator.

Redcare GSM Monitoring

This combines a secure Redcare landline connection with a GSM Radio backup path. In the event of a line fail, it enables alarm systems to be monitored via the Radio path.

 Recommend DualCom


Most businesses opt for Intruder Alarm System with DualCom GPRS Monitoring.

This package ensures extra security with the dual path signal, two service visits per annum, 24 -hour call out facility, Police Response and Nacoss Certification.

Round the clock care for a fast action response.


 Benefits of Monitoring

24-hour protection of your premises

Peace of Mind

Actioned first time sign of attack

Allows you to check open/close times of your property – our database can provide a full and complete daily report of all system operations

panic buttons 2

Protect staff, customers and your business

First sign of danger at work, hit the button to immediately alert Police Force to arrive at your property. Protect your employees, especially when dealing with large sums of cash.

Protect your stock

Smoke machine technology produces a harmless vapour impairing visibility to almost zero in less than 60 seconds. It fills the gap between activation and Police Response. In most cases the thief will leave very quickly, of their own accord and empty handed. They can’t steal what they can’t see! Smokecloak is a proven Worldwide Smoke Security System and is highly recommended by Insurance Companies.

Intruder Alarm British Standards

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) requires compliance on Intruder Alarms Systems to BS8243 (Compliance of Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems). This recommends that high priority is only given to alarms which are confirmed.
Alarm systems must conform to the relevant British or European Standards and should include audio, visual or Sequential confirmation technology.



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Saturn Security operate nationally installing as far North as Scotland and as far South as Northampton. We monitor and maintain a large proportion of the North West’s regional commercial burglar alarms in Liverpool, commercial burglar alarms in Manchester, commercial intruder alarms Cheshire, commercial intruder alarms Wirral and commercial intruder alarms Warrington, with Intruder Alarm Systems installed all over Central England. Saturn Security can provide wireless intruder alarm systems, however we strongly recommend a hard wired system (all wires concealed), which requires a professional engineer to install, as opposed to a DIY operator of a lower grade quality system.