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Saturn Security protecting your home with 24 hour Central Station Monitoring…


We offer the full range of ’24 hour 365 days a year’ monitored alarm systems that are tailor-made to meet the exact needs of all customer requirements. They offer ‘peace of mind’ that your property is secure each day every day. Our systems can be linked direct to your local Police Authority ensuring the fastest response time possible.

If you are out of the house for long periods of time or away on holiday, you can rest assure that if your alarm is triggered there is a back up plan whereby a member of the Central Station will telephone a trusted person of your choice e.g. a family member who can then check/assess your home.

Saturn Security provides Monitored Alarms:

  • Keyholder Response

All Policed Calling Systems (Monitored Alarms):

  • Digital Communicator Monitoring
  • DualCom Plus/GPRS Monitoring
  • Redcare Monitoring

Digital Communicator monitoring: This is a LOW COST monitoring device that can either be utilised as a Keyholder Response System/GRADE 2 Policed System. Upon activation, the dedicated telephone line automatically dials Alarm Receiving Centre who informs Police Authority and Keyholder immediately on confirmed alarm.

Dual Com Plus/GPRS monitoring: This works as a Digital Communicator but with the added extra of a Radio/dual path signal. If one signal falters, rest assure the other will still be activated, detecting cut lines to provide backup communication.

Redcare monitoring: This incorporates a dual-path system with the backup of an additional monitoring path. This is an ideal step up from a digital communicator.

Redcare GSM monitoring: This combines a secure Redcare landline connection with a GSM Radio backup path. In the event of a line cut it enables alarm systems to be monitored via the Radio path.

Saturn Security RECOMMENDS: DualCom GPRS Monitoring Most opt for Intruder Alarm System with DualCom GPRS Monitoring because of the extra security of dual path, the two service visits we provide per annum, 24 -hour call out facility, Police Response, Nacoss Certification and round the clock care with a fast action response. All of the above systems are as equally efficient in delivering results, but depends on customer preference and insurer stipulation.

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BENEFITS of monitoring:

  • 24-hour protection of your premises
  • Peace of mind
  • Actioned first time sign of attack
  • Allows you to check open/close times of your property – our database can provide a full and complete daily report of all system operations

Panic Buttons…Protect your staff, customers and business!
Protect your loved ones e.g. an elderly relative. First sign of trouble or danger hit the button to immediately alert Police Force to arrive at your property.

DD243 ACPO – Compliance on Monitored Burglar Alarms – The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) requires compliance on Intruder Alarms Systems to DD243. This recommends that high priority is only given to alarms which are confirmed. Alarm systems must conform to the relevant British or European Standards and should include audio, visual or Sequential confirmation technology.

Saturn Security operate nationally installing Monitored Alarms as far North as Scotland and as far South as Northampton. We cover the majority of the North West’s regional burglar alarms in Liverpool, burglar alarms in Manchester, burglar alarms Cheshire, burglar alarms Wirral and burglar alarms Warrington.

For further information and advice on how Saturn Security’s Intruder Alarm Systems (Monitored Alarms) can protect your home – sign up for a FREE security survey & quotation and one of our security specialist experts will be contact within 24 hours.

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