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  1. Wireless systems can be unreliable and are subject to interference from other radio and electrical products. They can be prone to signal reception issues due to the building layout, thick walls, metallic structures, distance from the control panel etc. Wireless systems in industrial units and period houses can be particularly troublesome.
  2. Wireless systems contain a large number of different battery types (every device on the system will contain at least one) which are not only expensive to maintain, but battery failure in any component can result in system down time, false alarms and/or failure to operate. This can be a nuisance at best. We have been commissioned to replace temperamental wireless systems with wired solutions on a number of occasions. A wireless maintenance agreement would carry a high premium, due to replacement batteries required and the increased likelihood of emergency call outs.



Some installers prefer to sell wireless systems, because they are a great deal easier, faster and cheaper to install with less experienced engineers, and can thus provide a larger profit margin for the installer. Some companies expect their engineers to install up to three domestic wireless systems in a single day. Saturn Security recommends installing Professional hard-wired systems as opposed to ‘Wireless’ or ‘Radio’ Intruder Alarm System for reasons of stability and reliability.

With over 30 years of experience, hard wired systems are vastly superior in terms of consistent performance, long term reliability, false alarm prevention and fault diagnosis. Saturn Security engineers cable hundreds of properties of all types and sizes with the highest quality components. Our clients can expect a neat and tidy installation, with all cabling generally concealed from view. Very occasionally some limited use of cable trunking may be required, but your designated engineer will discuss this with you should the necessity arise. Your completed system should then provide you with many years of trouble free performance.